Training courses

Customized training concepts – specifically tailored to your requirements and objectives

The most effective training measures are always customized to the needs of a company. For this reason, I always coordinate the training content and priorities of each training measure with my client in the run-up. Is the training objective basic knowledge? Is specialist knowledge to be brought up-to-date and deepened? Shall the focus be primarily on theoretical output? Or shall a practical understanding and current problems with existing vehicles take center stage? You provide the general framework.

The topics: Technology, maintenance, applicable regulations

My training courses cover the entire range of topics concerning rail vehicles brakes:

  • Fundamentals of braking technology for traction vehicles, passenger trains, freight cars
  • Components for braking systems, system- and maintenance training courses
  • Brake tests (Br 0, Br 2 and Br 3) in accordance with module 07 of the maintenance guidelines (VPI -Instandhaltungsleitfaden)
  • Brake tests Br 0 – 3 based on Document 885 of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV)
  • Advanced training (FIT) on braking systems and regulation-related topics

In case you would prefer a focus on other topics, please approach me about that.
I conduct training in German and English – either on-site at your location or at another external training facility.

Target group-appropriate training for experienced brakemen as well as for those who come to this profession through the back door

The training I offer is fundamentally directed both at those who are already specialists and those who still want to get there. The spectrum of potential course participants ranges from electrical engineers to metal craftsmen and lateral entrants, to include even those who have a background in painting or masonry. Motivation is what’s important – and I will ensure that the lessons are appropriate for each target group. I convey theoretical knowledge in a hands-on way. And I offer practical, hands-on training with the necessary theoretical background.

Appropriate group size pays off in terms of success

I offer basic training that imparts mainly theoretical knowledge for groups of up to 20 participants. For training sessions that includes practical parts, I limit group size to six to eight participants to ensure efficient working conditions.

Proper documentation effectively ensures results

Upon completing the training course, you can request an examination or performance assessment. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance as well as the course material in printed-out form, which will allow them to refresh the knowledge acquired as needed.


Putting things on the track with good consulting

I am available to dispense expert advice on all issues and tasks related to braking technology. That fact that I offer manufacturer-independent advice is something that goes without saying. The needs and requirements of your business are my main focus.

Thematic foci and fields of activity

Take advantage of my experience and expertise when it comes to

  • evaluating tenders for braking equipment and services,
  • developing training and qualification strategies,
  • drawing up requirement specifications,
  • successfully preparing candidates for the rail operation manager test (EBL-Prüfung).


Expertise on call: Get a specialist to support your business.

It is neither possible nor does it makes any sense for a company to have  specialists in its employ for every single task; after all,  some requirements only crop up sporadically and others are highly specialized. And sometimes it is personnel fluctuation that leads to a knowledge gap that can’t be closed quickly enough. External support can be the solution to such challenges.

Thematic foci and fields of activity

Whether you need occasional support or require someone to completely assume responsibility for certain tasks; I provide reliable support for the following fields of activity:

  • Putting into operation brake systems following general inspections
  • Commissioning as well as conducting periodic inspections of air brake systems in rail vehicles as an accredited expert (EBA certification number: 31/0316/14)
  • Drawing up of maintenance and brake testing regulations
  • Preparation of training programs
  • Preparing or editing of the technical documentation for braking systems